Monday, 19 October 2009

Mayo Wynne Baxter, Solicitors in Sussex, enters the world of e-commerce!

How did we ever manage before the World Wide Web? A question I ask myself several times a day – whenever I need to find a post code, renew my car insurance, or when the rain’s lashing against my office window; planning an escape to the sun.

Virtually every business or service worth its salt can now be found on the internet, and that’s where the majority of us go to do our research. Gone are the days when people would select a solicitor from the telephone directory’s golden pages (24 carat, if the invoices were anything to go by). Now they go straight to Google.

Mayo Wynne Baxter has had an online presence for several years and we consider ourselves to be reasonably switched on to the digital age. Those of you who have used us to move house will probably have been introduced to, our online conveyancing system, whose instant updates significantly speed up what can often be a frustratingly slow process.

This really is the crux of our website – to take the frustration and yawn factor out of those necessary legal dealings that affect you and your business. Whatever the issue, I hope you will find our site a good place to start. You’ll find the latest legal updates (with explanations), news and comments, as well as having a good laugh at our mug shots! All of which should cheer you up if you’ve come online to pay your bill.

I’m quite excited about this new payment facility – it makes me feel that we’re really joining the world of e-commerce. And anything that makes it easier for clients to deal with us has got to be a good thing.

Feel free to contact us with your legal enquiries and requirements, as one of our friendly team will happily help you.