Monday, 16 November 2009

Client Service- the recipe for success

A friend of mine had a horrible meal at his usually very good local pub last Sunday – he likened the soup to washing up water (dirty) and the pâté was so runny it dripped rather than spread onto the soggy toast. They didn’t stay for the main courses.

Apart from being disappointed and hungry, he was mortified because he had brought along some foodie friends to whom he had sung this particular pub’s praises. But, the pub had let him down. So he won’t be going back and neither will the friends and they’ll tell all their friends who will tell theirs and so on until.... fast forward six months and there’s the landlord scratching his head over the steady downturn in business never thinking to connect it with that fateful Sunday lunch when the chef had an off day...

I go hot and cold when I hear stories like these because although I know that no professional at Mayo Wynne Baxter would ever serve the legal equivalent of soggy toast, a delayed response or an unreturned phonecall can sometimes cause a client to get up and leave.

This is why we use a Mystery Shopping Service which makes regular checks on the standard of our client service. These audits have made everyone from partners to support staff re-evaluate their customer service skills and I think we’ve all raised our game as a result. It might be Big Brother, but the client is what matters the most.

Outside of Mayo Wynne Baxter, we are endeavouring to champion good customer service by sponsoring the Customer Service category of the Eastbourne Business Awards. There were several excellent contenders for the title (the afore-mentioned pub is not one of them) and the winner was recognised at the swanky awards ceremony on Friday November 6.

Now, I’m off to lunch. Recommendation anyone?

See the full range of Client Services that are available at Mayo Wynne Baxter and talk to our Sussex solicitors today.


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