Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Crack-ups

An article in the Telegraph the other day said that the first family argument happens at 9.58 on Christmas morning. Hardly surprising, I suppose, if you’ve been woken up at 4am by chocolate-charged children, had your diplomatic skills stretched to the limit by the in-laws, and peeled your way through enough sprouts to meet everyone’s five-a-day quota for the rest of the year.

In most cases these tiffs are nothing more than seasonal stress and can usually be resolved with a glass of something cold and alcoholic and an offer to help. But there are many people who go into marital meltdown at this time of year and never recover. I’m not saying that Christmas is the cause, but it can often be the catalyst and as a result, divorce rates soar in January – the first working Monday of the month often sees the highest number of divorces filed than any other day of the year.

The break-up of a long term relationship is undeniably one of the most traumatic of life’s events, but there is more help and support available than ever before. Take the Starting Over Show, affectionately known as SOS. This unlikely sounding event was launched in Brighton this year and billed as a show to help people bounce back from relationship break ups and life crises. However, it was phenomenally successful with hundreds of visitors seeking advice and support and now two SOS events are planned for 2010 – one in London on March 7 and another in Brighton on March 28.

Sussex Solicitors Mayo Wynne Baxter has been involved with SOS from the onset and we will be exhibiting at both shows. The Family Law Team, which includes qualified mediators, collaborative lawyers and accredited specialists, will be running a free legal surgery on both days.
Perhaps someone should send Tiger Woods a ticket?

For more information on the Starting Over Show visit www.startingovershow.co.uk


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