Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mayo Wynne Baxter at the Starting Over Show- “Everything you need to know about breaking up and starting over”

Many of us have experienced a painful and emotional relationship break up, and looking ahead positively can be a difficult thing to do.

Sussex Solicitors Mayo Wynne Baxter are again proud to be attending the Starting Over Show 2010. The event helps thousands of people every year in making life changing decisions after a separation, and Mayo Wynne Baxter will be offering free legal advice to visitors at the show through one to one surgeries.

The show, which was the first event in the UK of its kind, offers a multitude of expert knowledge and insight, including health tips, how to kick start your new business aspirations, financial advice, as well as being a welcoming environment for singletons of all ages and backgrounds.

Over 140,000 couples divorce each year in the UK, with the South coast providing some of the highest statistics in the country.

The separation process is often complex and emotionally draining. The knowledgeable, friendly and approachable lawyers from the Family Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter will provide expert legal advice at our surgeries during the event. Anyone with divorce, civil partnership or co-habitee issues, irrespective of your situation, can come and speak to us confidentially and without obligation or charge.

The show starts in London on the 7th March before making its way to Brighton on Sunday 28tth March. We honestly believe this is a fantastic opportunity to turn over a new leaf, start afresh and establish your personal and business ambitions, all with the support of caring and inspiring people around you.

Contact our Family Team to find out more leading up to the show, or to book your free appointment at our legal surgeries on the day of the show.

For more information visit www.startingovershow.co.uk


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