Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Leisure Industries Team launch at Eastbourne’s Towner

It seems like the winter has gone on forever, so the current spell of sunshine is a welcome boost, particularly for leisure-based businesses which need good weather to encourage customers.

When it’s cold and miserable people tend to stay indoors; however the minute the sun shows its incandescent face, suddenly we’re all out doing things, such as alfresco lunch with friends, a round of golf or taking the kids for a day out to a local attraction.

Hopefully, the long-term forecast for Sussex’s leisure industry will be pretty sunny, with not too many scattered clouds of volcanic ash! Attractions, such as the newly designated South Downs National Park, will draw in visitors from far and wide, who will need to eat, drink, sleep, shop, be entertained....

So all in all, it seems a good time to launch Mayo Wynne Baxter’s Leisure Industries Team, which has been set up to help businesses which operate in this sector. The team comprises of solicitors who have specialist skills and knowledge such as licensing, planning, property and employment coupled with firsthand experience of working with leisure businesses.

If you are involved in the leisure industry, you can meet the team at the official launch party on Thursday, April 22 for a champagne reception at the Towner in Eastbourne. We chose this venue as it has rapidly become one of the southeast’s top cultural attractions. Although it was only opened a year ago, it has been nominated for an Art Fund prize alongside such venerable institutions as the Ashmolean in Oxford and the Natural History Museum.

Apart from the obvious attraction of the venue (and the free-flowing champagne) we have also invited leisure marketing specialist, Lindon Parriss, to give a short talk about how leisure marketing is changing, which will be relevant to most businesses in the sector.

Numbers are limited, however if you would like to join us, please contact Louise Clasby at lclasby@mayowynnebaxter.co.uk for an invitation


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