Friday, 21 May 2010

Thank you to those who attended our ‘How to exploit the power of social networking’ seminar

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who attended last night’s event, particularly Lighthouse for their fantastic hospitality, and of course our speakers Edward Coxall, Dean Orgill, Cristina Lawrence and Leapfrogg’s Ben Potter for their invaluable insight on social media in the workplace.

Secondly, how many of you today viewed and used your various social networking channels differently? One thing last night’s presentations highlighted was the unrelenting power of social media and how it’s gradually entering our lives, even if some are unaware of it.

The Mayo Wynne Baxter team did themselves proud by delivering the often confusing and exhausting subject of copyright in a more engaging way. It was good to see attendees enthusiastically jot down notes and nod with interest during the course of the evening.

Ben Potter, Sales & Marketing Director at Leapfrogg, imparted his expertise on how social media is integral to modern day marketing, but more importantly, how it needs to be respected and applied correctly in order for it work effectively for your business.

Networking and nibbles then followed the discussions. Smart phones were visible; however guests preferred more conventional methods of communicating, which gave the opportunity for people to ask questions, exchange business cards and generally share their experiences of social networking. It was clear that the majority either liked or occasionally dipped in and out of social networks, but overall weren’t mindful of their capabilities. The power of social media was certainly felt by all!

If you would like to find out more about copyright, intellectual property and the legalities surrounding social media, contact our Media & Creative Industries Team today to arrange a meeting.


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  4. It was really cool. I still remember that seminar s one of the most interesting ones I've ever attended. I even wrote a review of Superior papers about it. It was really interesting. And I met so much new, wonderful people. With some of them I'm still in close relationships. It's so amazing.

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