Thursday, 6 May 2010

Want to know how to exploit the power of social networking?

If you and your business has in anyway adopted social media, and by that we mean either a solitary tweet on Twitter every now and then, or persistent dabbling on LinkedIn and Facebook, but without genuine conviction, then our ‘How to exploit the power of social networking’ seminar this month will certainly enlighten you.

Mayo Wynne Baxter’s Media & Creative Industries team, joined by Brighton-based digital marketing agency Leapfrogg, will be addressing how companies can utilise the power of social media to promote their brand, whilst being mindful of the various legal issues. Attendees can expect a lively, interactive seminar where smart phones can stay switched on! Discussions will cover:

• Choosing and protecting your brand name - Trademarks, copyright issues, research and planning using community mapping tools.

• Social media as a promotional tool - Choosing the right social networking tools, establishing benchmarks and choosing useful objectives.

• Staff as your social media champions – How to integrate social media into the fabric of your organisation through employee engagement, establishing policies and procedures to promote consistency of message and brand and how to implement the right staff policies and practices.

• Brand reputation- monitoring your brand online - How to monitor your online reputation and how best to defend yourself against a breach of copyright.

Litigation specialist Dean Orgill will be speaking on issues surrounding copyright and Edward Coxall, Intellectual Property and Corporate specialist will speak on the importance of trademarks.

Employment Law specialist Cristina Lawrence will provide you with useful tips on how to draft Social Media policies and procedures for your business. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider the implications of social media in the context of the work place.

“Time and time again companies jump head first into social media with no planning or thought as to the legalities. This is shaping up to be a great event; covering every angle,” says Ben Potter, Sales and Marketing Director at Leapfrogg, who specialise in delivering integrated digital marketing strategies for aspirational brands. By combining search marketing, social media and digital content, Leapfrogg help their clients to grow and prosper online.

The evening kicks off on Wednesday 19th May from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Lighthouse and would like you all to join us after the seminar for refreshments, canapés and of course networking; to exchange twitter names and MOO cards!

Spaces at this event are limited, so to secure your place please contact Louise Clasby on or call (01273) 477071.

For more information on Leapfrogg visit


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